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HDK 25 † The short and foolish quest of Sylovar and Hrud


Blue flames 05:25



Heimat der Katastrophe is very happy to present the new album by Silencio Permanente, a dungeon synth champion from Argentina! The album, based on an original screenplay by the underground heroic-fantasy writer Gian Spazz, is a little, vintage ambient jewel, halfway between the golden era of New Age music and the 80's horror movies soundtracks.

In this album the dungeon-synth meets the great names of the ambient music like Steve Roach, David Naegele and Thom Brennan. Absolutely brilliant!



Sylovar the elf, after his concert in Ultenheim's main tavern, is drinking ale with his long-time partner-in-crime Hrud. He picks out of his vest a little artifact made in the shape of a feathered snake, carved out of an unknown transparent mineral and adorned in gold. "I obtained this fancy jewel through means... I'd like not to describe it. Karl was willing to give me a lake of gold coins for this and you know what? I've heard that in the Temple of Fate there's plenty of this. We're going to live in a palace in the Imperial City!" Hrud's expression was puzzling. "This beauty sure fascinates me... While I don't understand how a band of rich priests could go unnoticed in these dark times, it is definitively time to go for a merry trip. The temple's on the Fading Hills, east of here, am I right?". Sylovar nodded "It's not distant, just hidden from direct sight". The next night, they took their instruments and departed for their destination.

Traveling by horse, after less than an hour they reach the Fading Hills, with their typical mist that hides most of the uplands. They approached the main road to climb the western hill. A wooden sign reads "Here starts the Changing Path. Its real end is inside who seeks knowledge". "I hate this charlatans' lexicon. A smoke screen to blind poor people." remarked Hrud "Let's walk up". The first steps were on a common hillside trail, but in a few minutes, they found themselves in an oniric reality. The trail was divided into six different silvery roads, suspended in air, every one leading to what seemed to be a different temple. "This is a remarkable act of sorcery, my friend" grinned Sylovar "but I think that's not enough for us", he then pointed to one particular structure, built to resemble a snake head bearing six feathers. "As you said before, screens for poor humans". "That's rude from an elf, but probably that's because you are a poor elf. Let's go".

The couple reaches the white marble snakehead, its mouth serving as a gate to the temple itself. As soon as Sylovar moves closer, the artifact takes a blue color gradually, like a pigment dropped in water, and the gates open slowly with a screeching sound. They stride silently inside the subsequent corridor, a crude square tunnel carved in marble bearing unintelligible marks and long inscriptions in unknown languages. Moisture drips from the ceiling. At the end of the corridor, there's a little plaza with six silver holes in the ground, forming a circle, shaped like a feathered bird. Hrud stops and says "I think your artifact is the key to this place, but which hole now?" They stare for a minute at their sight, then Sylovar chooses one on the right. He fits in the blue snake, a click, and the sides of the corridor lower to reveal two long bookshelves. "Not what we need..." While Hrud comments, the moisture dripping becomes more and more plentiful. A thin whisper slips in their ears "You are not in the plans of the Architect of Fate. Die...". Sylovar and Hrud look at themselves with a face that means "run" but while they run towards the entrance, the gate opens but shows not the exterior as it should, instead takes to six other corridors. The water which now covers the pavement starts to shine a striking blue and takes the form of a dozen short, fleshy creatures spitting blue flames and constantly changing their shapes. The elf remembers the occult books he read in his youth and screams in terror: "DEMON! RUN!".

They instinctively choose one of the central corridors dodging blue bolts of pure magic, after several meters they see a strong light coming from a possible exit. No more than two meters before reaching the light, Hrud is hit by a bolt and melts in a pile of mutating flesh, who then evaporates abundantly. Sylovar turned his head to watch his colleague die, and couldn't see ahead: he fell voiceless into an abyss of light, disgregating into blue flames. Such is the doom of those who try to approach the Gods of the Immaterial Plan without power, knowledge, and a clear mind.


released October 31, 2018

Artwork by the master Stefano Artibani
Enjoy at: www.facebook.com/stefanoartibaniART

Enjoy Silencio Permanente music at:




Heimat Der Katastrophe Milan, Italy

DIY label focused on ambient punk, minimal-synth, dungeon-drone, wartime music and post-nuclear wave. Managed by a creative punx collective from Milano city.

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