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HDK 132 † The occult summoner


An isolated fishing village on the northern cliffs, where an icy wind from the ocean always blows, is plagued with a curse! The men of the village disappear into the night without a trace. The villagers attribute these disappearances to a vengeful spirit: the mermaid Caoimhe, daughter of the God of Waves and a wiccan priestess, killed in the archaic era by a bandit from the village. Legend has it that sooner or later the mermaid’s spirit would return for revenge - and perhaps that time has come. The truth is that Caoimhe’s spirit was summoned by a monstrous and diabolical creature: the vampire-spider Uvul! Uvul is one of the few survivors of an ancient race of spider-vampires forced to feed on human flesh and blood in order to survive. Spider vampires are extremely intelligent creatures devoted to spiritualism, black magic and alchemy. Uvul settled in the caves between the cliffs near the village and made a pact with Caoimhe: he summoned the mermaid’s spirit and allowed her to carry out her revenge on the men of the village, on the condition that she deliver the corpses of these to him for food. Thus Caoimhe, every moonless night, appears at the edge of the village and attracts a man to him, enchanting him with her beauty and then leading him to the cliff; men, in a trance, throw themselves into the void and their lifeless bodies are then picked up by the diabolical vampire spider and devoured. You, a knight skilled in magic and Satanism, were called by Liamh, the young and inexperienced priest of the village, with whom you had befriended at the time of the academy, to investigate the story, free from prejudices and superstitions. With Baalthasar, your faithful and athletic half-orc servant, you have set out for the north. Under a thin and persistent rain, you catch a glimpse of the isolated village on the cliff. Wind, gray clouds and dark omens...
When you get to the village, take a room in the only inn there: a dank, shabby, unnamed building. Over a mug of rancid cider, you meet Liamh the curate, who tells you everything he knows about the mysterious story... You discover that you have arrived at the right time: the next night will be a moonless night.
After a restful night, you decide first of all to go and inspect the old abandoned lighthouse. The lighthouse is a spooky and dilapidated place. You don’t find anything interesting, but all the while searching, your feeling is that you are not alone...
Although the sun is about to set, you still decide to walk down the cliff and inspect the shoreline. You sense dark vibrations coming from there. You can’t know it, but the spider-vampire Uvul, safe in the maze of caves on the cliff, prepares the ritual to summon the spirit of Caoimhe... Indeed, shortly afterward at the edge of the village appears the simulacrum of a beautiful girl. Her image floats in the evening mist. Yet another sacrifice is about to take place...
Going down on the rocks, you are now on a small beach sheltered from the waves: here there are strange stones of lava origin and (human?) bones arranged according to unknown geometries. It’s the place of summoning: a place prepared by the vampire-spider Uvul to summon the ghost of Caoimhe. Suddenly, a monstrous half-human, half-fish creature emerges from the darkness of a cave and attacks you with a rusty spear. He is the faithful guardian of Uvul’s lair! Baalthasar, after a harsh fight manages to defeat the snarling enemy on the rocks. You inspect the corpse of the fish-man: the only object that catches your attention is an iridescent stone amulet that he wears around his neck... Baalthasar wears it and nods to you that his half-orc sixth sense tells him it’s not cursed.
You access into the cave from which the half-man, half-fish monster emerged. From the exploration, the intricate system of caverns and tunnels covered in algae and salt encrustations... seems uninhabited.
The spider Uvul, however, watches you from a secret place and ponders his revenge for ruining his quiet.
By casting a spell, you discover that the maze of the cave is magical and not as intricate as it seemed to you. You spot an illusory wall that can be walked through like a dense black smoke screen. After walking through it, you find yourself in a cave with smoother walls. A magical torch lights up the room dimly: on all sides, there are shelves of books bound in human skin and scrolls... It’s Uvul’s study! A feeling of terrible evil assails you: a fleeting glance at Baalthasar is enough to realize that his half-orc sixth sense prompts him to leave this place immediately. It is now late at night when you reach the beach and quickly you begin to climb the rocks to return to the village.
When you are at the top of the cliff, you see a chilling scene: the curate Liamh walks as if hypnotized on the moor; arrived near the overhang on the cliff... he jumps off it without hesitation! He was the predestined victim of this moonless night. A girl’s laugh rings out far away... but maybe it’s just in your head.
Shocked by the death of your young friend and the feeling of mystery and evil that hangs in the air, you decide that the next day you will leave the village. You collapse exhausted on the bed in your room and fall asleep quickly. Just as quickly you begin to have monstrous and confusing nightmares, which do not give you peace... You dream of red eyes staring at you in the dark from a corner of the room... You dream of being on the beach of the summoning and you see giant tarantulas emerge from the ocean and slowly come toward you... in the dream, you would like to escape, but you are paralyzed... Then you discover that... it’s not a dream, but reality! You are tied at your wrists and ankles with a strange, very strong viscose rope: no doubt it’s a spider’s web. You are on the beach and six gigantic, monstrous one-and-a-half-meter tarantulas, encrusted with algae and crustaceans, approach you from the sea... Baalthasar, who wore the amulet of protection of the half-fish, half-man creature, did not fall victim to the nightmares, and he followed you, alert and aware, in your magical sleepwalking to the beach. Now he is here to free you! But when he manages to cut through the thick web, it seems too late to escape: the tarantulas are almost on you. As Baalthasar lunges with his sword drawn towards one of the monstrous creatures, you notice something strange... these tarantulas all move in unison... maybe they are a projection, holograms! You quickly grab the throwing dagger in your boot to throw it at one of the spiders to check if it is an illusion or not. As you raise the knife and pick up the target, you see the blade reflect six red dots in the darkness of the cave behind you... the six red eyes staring at you in the dream! You turn around and with all your might you throw the weapon toward those red spots. An inhuman and aberrant cry rises from the darkness. You hit Uvul the vampire spider, right in one of his six eyes! Giant tarantulas disappear. You and Baalthasar flee to the rocks...
As you flee to the village, in the distance, standing on a rock, you spot the silhouette of a beautiful and ethereal woman: she has a bloody bandage covering one eye. With the other eye, she looks at you, with such a charge of hatred that she makes you tremble. Caoimhe (but is it the spirit of Caoimhe?) is still, but she follows you with the gaze of her one eye... Back in the village, you and Baalthasar collect your things and leave this nightmare place forever, giving up the reward for the mission.


An isolated village on the northern cliffs, where an icy wind from the ocean always blows, is plagued with a curse: the men of the village disappear into the night without a trace. The villagers attribute these disappearances to a vengeful spirit: the mermaid Caoimhe, daughter of the God of Waves and a Wicca priestess, killed in the archaic era by a bandit from the village. Legend has it that sooner or later the mermaid's spirit would return for revenge... and perhaps that time has come.


There are horrors as ancient as the universe, which no one can conceive without a nauseating sense of vertigo: the music contained in this tape is the soundtrack of nightmares in which these horrors take a real, tangible, living form; nightmares that only authors like H.P. Lovecraft and C.A. Smith have been able to describe with firm lucidity and at the same time with such vivid madness.

The eleven tracks of this musical adventure will drag you into an intense and uncompromising musical experience.


released December 23, 2022

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Heimat Der Katastrophe Milan, Italy

DIY label focused on ambient punk, minimal-synth, dungeon-drone, wartime music and post-nuclear wave. Managed by a creative punx collective from Milano city.

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