Shipping and return policies for Heimat Der Katastrophe

Shipping Info
Hello folks! Some notes about shipping!

1) As frequent HDK's buyers know, we have opted for safe and fast shipping, and unfortunately the costs you find on Bandcamp are the brutal but REAL costs of the International Shipping Conspiracy! 😨

2) If you buy via Bandcamp, but you prefer an ordinary shipment (beware the mysterious displacements or the unnerving months of stop at the customs), write us and we will try to accommodate you, giving you back the $$$ difference.

3) The Bandcamp order system does not allow multiple purchases to be managed in an equitable way: if you order 3-4 cassettes together (anyway more than 2), you will be charged a lot more shipping costs than necessary. But don't worry: the excess amount will be refounded.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Thank you for understanding!