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HDK 12 † シ​ベ​リ​ア​の​戦​士​Z​-​1 (Siberia No Senshi Z​-​1)

by Группа AELITA

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  • Limited edition cassette + 4 original drawnings + Siberian Tiger keyholder!
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    Professional dubbed tape + booklet / Four original handmade drawings (ink and watercolor on paper, 42 x 29 cm.and 21 x 29 cm.) / the "SIBERIAN TIGER" keyholder! ***SINGLE COPY***

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    Includes unlimited streaming of HDK 12 † シベリアの戦士Z-1 (Siberia No Senshi Z-1) via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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In a future post-nuclear Middle Age, somewhere in the immense Siberian plains... The Steppe Cats are a Mōtābōru team (Mōtābōru is a sort of football played on armored motorbikes). They play in a clandestine league: the only official championship of Mōtābōru is held in Sanshiti, a walled city where the Enlightened Queen rules. She rules because she holds the Secret of Drugs. Mōtābōru players from the Solar City are rich and famous, and those from the underground leagues are poor and deprived. Disloyalty and corruption reign in Sanshiti league matches, and players die young. Despite all this, all Mōtābōru players want to join the official league teams: they dream of wealth and celebrity, even if for short; all players except Tuvan, the captain of the Steppe Cats, an experienced player who fled from a Sanshiti team when he was very young. Now Tuvan lives in a miserable village in the steppe, and he plays in the clandestine league of Mōtābōru: that league is full of violence and despair, but also there are feelings of brotherhood and respect for rivals' life. Being a Mōtābōru champion means popularity also in the wild lands: the teams fight to raise their Credits (the coat of arms of the rivals they have defeated). Credits are very precious because the more you have, the more you can aspire to play and gain a greater social respect: this means gasoline, food and other goods. The Steppe Cats are not among the most high-ranked teams: also because Tuvan is now thirty, slightly lame and – people say – he has become too tender with opponents.
Captain Tuvan (nobody knows his real name: he is called by the name of his land because he comes from the Tuva region, between Siberia and Mongolia), Monsuta (a fat, bald and toothless Japanese), Bibigul (a muscular girl from Kazakistan) are the Steppe Cats older members; Kara-Kat (a Tuvan girl with a thick dark hair), Tsubasa (a shrewd Korean) and Cardio (a Siberian junkie) are the youngest players of the team. Tuvan, Monsuta, and Bibigul are close-knit; the youngest players are the most restless; they show impatience toward the management of Captain Tuvan. Kara-Kat is a very promising runner and, like all young people, she eagerly dreams of playing in the official championship. Kara-Kat comes from Tuvan origins as Captain Tuvan: he saved her life when she was very young and he was a talented and ruthless Mōtābōru player in Sanshiti. At that time Tuvan was a member of the Enlightened Queen's Imperial Team (and also her lover).
During the getaway from Sanshiti, Tuvan brought Kara-Kat with him and raised her like a little sister, teaching her to play Mōtābōru. Over the years, Kara-Kat and Tuvan, although bound by a deep and sincere affection, have developed a conflictual relationship: Kara-Kat, now a teenager, wants to decide for her life, but Tuvan can’t stand her dream of playing in the corrupted official league.
One morning Kara-Kat disappears. Cardio says that he heard her talking about going to Sanshiti. She took her motorbike, gasoline, a lot of food, and all the team's Credits. Tuvan is enraged: he decides to put himself on the trail of Kara-Kat to recover the credits, but above all to protect the girl. The whole team - furious about the theft of Credits - follows Tuvan.
The Steppe Cats, however, remain without food and gasoline. To get them, they have to play a Mōtābōru match and win: but - with no credits and without a player - how can they do it? Tuvan contacts Dedushka, an old runner who retired to hermit life to complete the formation. So Tuvan decides to propose a challenge with a strong Motaboru team, the Shamans of Radioactive River, led by Tuvan old friend, the Koriak shaman Golgoj.
Golgoj agrees to challenge the Steppe Cats, but in case of victory, as there are no credits to be won (the Steppe Cats' credits have been stolen), he wants all the Kawasaki Z1 motorbikes of the team. This a terrible risk for a team of Mōtābōru, though Tuvan decides to challenge the Shamans. Tsubasa and Cardio do not agree Tuvan's choice. Anyway, Tsubasa decides to be part of the team, but Cardio disappears without warning shortly before the match. The Cats must therefore play with one less man; the challenge seems hopeless... The match happens near a huge deserted industrial Kombinat. Despite everything, the Steppe cats fight with determination, and the score is still balanced. When, however, the situation seems to be inclined towards a Shaman victory, Golgoj, struck by Tuvan's motivation and Cats' heroism, eventually lets them win. He provides the team with petrol and food and gives his blessing to the mission. However, the Steppe Cats are now in very bad shape.
Golgoj offers his hospitality in the Shamans' headquarters and gives the Siberian magic mushrooms to the Steppe Cats to get them back on track. They eat the mushrooms on a ritual night…
Iced blood 01:53
The team finally resumes the journey. Tuvan find the traces of Cardio's motorbike not far away and he decides to follow them... but it's a trap! They fall into an ambush by the Imperial Guard. They discover that Cardio sold himself to the Illuminated Queen and dragged them into the trap…
The Steppe Cats are taken prisoner and taken to Sanshiti. The Enlightened Queen meets with Tuvan and reveals to him that Kara-Kat is now playing on the Imperial Team; she takes Tuvan to Imperial Team practice and shows him a player in a full-face helmet. It's Kara-Kat, she tells him. The Queen asks Tuvan to join the Imperial team, so she can meet Kara-Kat and play alongside her. Tuvan can't be sure that the player is Kara-Kat because the helmet completely hides her face. However, Tuvan accepts the Queen's offer on the condition that his teammates are released. She says she will , but it’s a bluff: the Queen seeks only revenge on Tuvan for abandoning her years earlier.
It is time for Tuvan to play his first official match with the Imperial Team, but it is a trap: he is lined up in the ranks of the opponents who will face the Imperial Team... the Steppe Cats! Tuvan finds out that his teammates have never been released by the Queen. And in addition, he has to face Kara-Kat (she's always masked with a full-face helmet) as an adversary! The match is brutal and desperate, Tuvan tries to avoid contact with Kara-Kat... the Steppe Cats fight with courage but in the end one by one fall under the deadly blows of the skilled and violent players of the Imperial Team.
Tuvan stands alone on the field with Kara-Kat; she is attacking him, but Tuvan doesn't want to react because he doesn't want to hurt her, or maybe kill her. Just before the last deadly impact with Kara-Kat's motorbike, at the very last second, out of the corner of his eye... Tuvan sees the real Kara-Kat in the audience! Their gazes meet, Tuvan understands that whoever is in front of him is not Kara-Kat, he can defend himself, but... is it perhaps too late? A flashback: in a few frames, the story of what happened to Kara-Kat after her disappearance. She was kidnapped by the Imperial Guard with the complicity of Cardio and was moved to Sanshiti; then she escaped and became a beggar in the slums of Sanshiti. Cardio, after betraying Tuvan in exchange for drugs, was dumped by the Queen; Cardio repents, finds Kara-Kat, and tells her everything, including the fact that Steppe Cats will be involved in a deadly game against the Imperial Team. Kara-Kat tries to reach the arena and meet Tuvan... In the end, she arrives... but is she still on time? End of the movie.


The second release in the “Post-nuclear wave” HDK series is "Siberia No Senshi Z-1" (The Warriors of Siberia), the soundtrack of a post-apocalyptic movie (never) filmed in the endless Siberian steppes. A story of love, fighting and motorcycling, in a harsh and ruthless world where a flame of humanity still survives.

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The composition and execution of the soundtrack has been entrusted to the russian ensemble AELITA which has produced twelve epic, romantic and desperate tracks that accompany the listener in the most important moments of the drama. The AELITA ensemble used vintage synthesizers from the Soviet electronic tradition, but involved also traditionals singers from Republic of Tuva and a string quartet of students from local music school.


released August 20, 2018

Artwork by Stefano Artibani


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Heimat Der Katastrophe Milan, Italy

DIY label focused on ambient punk, minimal-synth, dungeon-drone, wartime music and post-nuclear wave. Managed by a creative punx collective from Milano city.

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