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HDK 62 † Perils in the slums scenario 3: the maze of death


Using the map contained in the first Basic Dungeon - Perils in the Slums cassette, you can easily find the mysterious trap door. You try the key and - wow! - it works! A feeling of unknown and danger assails you. There is also a stench of rot and mold that rises from the passage that has opened. Use a rope to descend into the darkness. Welcome to the maze of death!
The dungeon is indeed intricate: one of you has to fill the role of cartographer, otherwise you will inexorably get lost in this gloomy maze.
A parchment pinned to the wall with a stiletto reads: "You think you have free will, but it is an illusion. You are trapped in the maze: as soon as you imagine you are out of it, you reenter immediately." What does it mean?
You soon realize that the maze is all the same and much larger than you thought ...
After having turned another corner, you startled: a human figure appears in the middle of the corridor. You bring your hands to your weapons, but you realize that your enemy ... is immobile. This is a stone statue! but it looks so vivid: it represents a wizard protecting his face from some looming threat. Pure terror is carved on his face. Looking closer at the statue, you recognize the presence of symbols attributable to the guild of corrupt magicians. You suspect it is not the piece of a sculptor: that statue was once a human being!
After hours of exploration, the labyrinth doesn't just seem huge, but ... infinite. Its conformation seems to repeat itself countless times both east and west ... is it a magic? To find out, you decide to use the Hop-o'-My-Thumb's trick: you sow pieces of bread along your way. To explore faster, you divide yourself into two groups: one goes east, the other west ...
One of the groups faces a very massive looking iron gate. Behind the gate, the floor is cluttered with gold coins! It is a real treasure! You try to lift the gate, but it seems immovable.
When you meet again the others in the party despite having gone in the opposite direction then you discover that the labyrinth is much smaller than you thought: in point A there is a magical teleportation that takes you to point B, and vice versa. What looks like another labyrinth, is actually the same as you find the crumbs you had left on the ground!
You decide to go together to open the gate beyond where you saw the treasure. Suddenly, as if magically, the grate is lifted without any effort. You find yourself in front of the treasure, but at the same time a smell of putrefaction is released in the air: in front of you 4 ghosts materialize! You do a saving throw, but it fails: you panic and flee!
You run everyone in different directions to escape from the four ghostly creatures. You feel their icy presence behind you. In the flee one of you stumbles on a stone on the floor (point C) and falls tumbling to the ground and, looking back, he finds out that that stone hides a secret niche ...
In the niche there is a yellow sphere. As soon as you hold it in your fist you realize that it is magical and it is conferring a great power that flows throughout your body. You suddenly feel invincible! The ghost that has reached you, gives a scream of terror and the roles are reversed: now you chase him! You reach it and with a blow you destroy it.
One by one the ghosts are sent back to hell thanks to the power of the magical yellow spheres!
You fill your backpacks with gold and escape from this hellish place forever. You are rich now, but will you be able to resist the lure of adventure for long? We don't think so. We will see you at the next BASIC DUNGEON release!


Welcome to the third and final episode of the Perils in the slums saga! In the previous episode ("The corrupt magicians") our heroes found a key with a strange symbol, the same one they saw on the closed hatch in the orcs' basement (see Perils in the slums 1: the orcs commune). They then decide to return to the city sewers, re-cross the orcs' hideout and try if, as they think, the key opens the mysterious trapdoor. Obviously it works! They will get access in a new level of the dungeon: incredible challenges and deadly puzzles await them in the... Maze of Death!

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"Perils in the slums" is an epic saga that will transport you back in time, when a scribbled map and a set of dice was enough to live breathtaking adventures. An era in which a handful of pixels maked up intricate dungeons and frightening monsters, an era in which we were catapulted into fairy worlds to the sound of monophonic jingles and beep-beeps produced by a computer.


released February 14, 2021




Heimat Der Katastrophe Milan, Italy

DIY label focused on ambient punk, minimal-synth, dungeon-drone, wartime music and post-nuclear wave. Managed by a creative punx collective from Milano city.

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