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HDK 54 † Spawn of the Changing Raven




Oh yes! The Japanese fantasy-chiptune maniac in Turbografx-16 and SuperNes style called BLACK TIGER is back with a new, psychedelic album that will unleash your imagination!


One of HDK clandestine (and unpaid) collaborator, the fantasy blast-beat author called Gian Spazz (sic), after smoking a too big spliff, wrote a weird story, full of plot holes, incongruous events and grammatical errors called "Spawn of the Changing Raven".

The guy called BLACK TIGER has obtained the difficult task of writing the soundtrack of this story: so, voilà this album full of oblique melodies played by a short-circuited computer! Don't miss the chance to grab this little gem of synthetic and thrilling music.



Struck by an obscure spell, Aelith and Kaerin are trapped in a dimension beyond space and time, an ever-mutating un-reality continuosly breathing magic and inhabited by feral feral spawning monsters. If the two warrior sisters could survive is only because of their impressive abilities and prowess, even if they can't tell for how long they've been trapped in that hellhole, their very minds and bodies affected by powers permeating everything. Not only they weren't able to perceive time or bodily necessities, but a faint hiss continuosly harassed them, changing into a beastly voice instilling paranoia when approaching places and artefacts that were apparently "important".

While walking through an incomprehensible valley, after being attacked by sentient balls of flesh, they found a trail of glowing inscriptions carved in the blueish earth. Aelith, Warrior Priestess of Malahl, recognized them: demonic ideogrammes, of the kind used for some heretical tomes she had occasion to study... and lock up in an Neuter Cage. They decided to follow the trail as it was a possibility to understand something. Slowly the inscriptions unveiled their meaning, it read: "BREACH TOWARDS PITIFUL MATERIALS". With the hiss in their heads becoming more like a fuzz, they followed the trail through a wood aflame with a cold, blue fire which seemed to cause no harm or combustion. Near the edge of it, a purplish stone tower with a pointed top came in their sight, apparently not too far: the trail of hyeroglyphs continued in that direction. As soon as they came out of the woods, the fire started to assemble in the treeless glade and it spat out a dozen balls of kaleidoscopic fire with rudimental arms and legs, and a blue magmatic core. Aelith was horrified to understand she wasn't new to the situation. "Spawn of the Changing Raven!" she yelled. Kaerin, tired of her sister's book-rat approach, erupted in a battle scream and attacked the creatures, immediately severing one with her two swords. Fight ensued, the two warriors avoiding their enemies' flames, now hotter than wordly fire: while they could "deactivate" the spawn by striking their core, for every demon dispersed the soil increasingly became muddy and rumbling, as if something was... swimming beneath them. Aelith understood that it was better not to win that fight: "Kaerin! We are making things worse. Let's run to that tower!".

They moved out of the wood's edge defending themselves from the spawns, treading an innaturally soft soil, like the shoulders of something alive. When the tower started to seem like an illusion, they managed to reach it, its doors open, a light blue mist spilling out. The demonic spawn didn't follow them in the floor chamber, as willingly leaving the two dimensional explorers to another fate... The tower itself looked like an abnormous library, with a confusing architecture that defied human logic, and a transparent blue pylon in its center, fully inscripted with demonic ideogrammes and hundreds of meters high. Aelith felt her last drops of sanity slipping out while reading the inscriptions, that composed the words of a ritual to open dimensional rifts, while Kaerin drew her swords to attack imaginary enemies. At once, all made sense in the mind of the Warrior Priestess: in that very moment the pylon lightened up, and its light rapidly took everything up. The two sisters woke up in a green meadow, probably far from home, and with their minds permanently shattered, but finally in their reality again.


released May 22, 2020

Cover Artwork by ALDEN KLAPUT




Heimat Der Katastrophe Milan, Italy

DIY label focused on ambient punk, minimal-synth, dungeon-drone, wartime music and post-nuclear wave. Managed by a creative punx collective from Milano city.

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