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HDK 43 † Perils in the slums scenario 2: the corrupt magicians


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In the previous episode of Basic Dungeon, during an adventurous foray into the Orc commune, you came across a wizard of the notorious guild of corrupt magicians. In the city, people talk much about this guild... people say that magicians: A) do shady deals with the orcs, smuggling defective magic scrolls; B) do experiments with black magic and necrophilia; C) are adepts of a dark and ancient cult; D) do not regularly pay taxes, although they hide a huge treasure. The city administration has allocated rich rewards in golden coins to those who bring evidence in favor of these rumors to frame the corrupt magicians ... you decide to go and investigate and collect the reward! Choose the quest you prefer: * QUEST A: SMUGGLING OF DEFECTIVE MAGIC SCROLLS TO THE ORCS * What better place than the "hanged kobold inn" to gather information about the relationships that wizards have with the treacherous little orcs? Despite the disguise of parchment paper merchant, you did not go unnoticed: a band of hooligan orcs is targeting you and forcing you to challenge the darts champion of the orcs.
The challenge to darts is unequal, because the champion is barely able to aim at the target (a surprising result for an orc!). But, if you let your opponent win, it will all end with a toast of rancid beer.
This will give you the opportunity to ask new questions to your drinking mates about shady deals with magicians. However, in the usual isolated table at the end of the smelly inn, a hooded man pretends to mind his own business, but he is indeed eavesdropping on your conversations through a spell of clairaudience.
...It is a corrupt wizard of the guild that will trigger a magical brawl at the right moment!
* QUEST B: PRATICING BLACK MAGIC AND NECROMANCY * One night, as you are lurking in the area around the guild walls, you discover that the magicians leave the guild in the darkness...
...they reach the old deconsecrated cemetery not far away...
There they perform some necromantic experiments for beginners as animate the bones of the dead...
They create skeletal creatures to their command. And the command is: attack the spies like you!
* QUEST C: PROFESSING ANCIENT EVIL CULT * By pretending to be a representative of magic scrolls, you enter the guild library where you see a few ancient forbidden books that surely have nothing to do with the usual magic arts.
Then you discover a secret chapel where an evil altar was built with the same symbols that you had seen on the hermetically sealed trapdoor of the orcs commune. In a niche on the altar you find a magic wand with a strange shape (that you will use to open the trap door – soon to come “Perils in the Slums” scenario 3).
Following mysterious litanies, you reach a secret wing of the guild, where a ritual is taking place.
Unfortunately, if you fail a Save Throw against Death Ray, the evil priest who officiates the ritual will notice you and pull a lever to free a giant two-headed snake that will attack you!
* QUEST D: TAX EVASION * Listening at the door of the magicians leader, you become aware of a secret passage in the guild that leads to a mysterious safe ...
You stalk a magician and see him disappearing behind a wall. It's an illusory wall!
Behind the wall there is a room with a heavy iron door depicting an old wizard with cross-eyed eyes. The magician you stalked seems to have disappeared. On the either side of the door there are two statues that depict men with toad heads armed with war hammers. They are magical animated statues that will attack you while you try to open the iron door. When the two guardians are defeated, they release a key each. These two keys must be inserted into the two locks of the iron door and turned according to the sense of the strabismus of the magician: the right one to the left and the other one to the right. If you get wrong, a trapdoor will open under your feet and you will fall into a pit full of golden coins: you have found the guild's treasure, but it will also be your grave because the trapdoor above you will magically close! Otherwise if you correctly turn the keys, the iron door will open, revealing another smaller room. In the middle of the room there is a pedestal with a carved casket. To reach the casket it's necessary to overcome a complex system of thin and stretched ropes that seem to be connected to some trap!
The shrewdest of you with a dexterity check accomplishes the task of arriving at the casket which surprisingly is not locked: however, it contains a magic bat that will flutter in the room for a few interminable seconds and then settle on one of the ropes triggering the trap: a deadly poison dart.


HDK is pleased to present the second chapter of the "Perils in slums" saga by BASIC DUNGEON. In this episode, our heroes investigate the guild of corrupt wizards and discover unspeakable secrets that have to deal with necrophilia, smuggling, tax evasion and ancient evil cults.
"The corrupt magicians" is an interactive album in which you can choose how to face the adventure by choosing from four lines of investigation: you can choose to look for news about the corrupt magicians in the tavern of the hanged kobold, counting on the idle talk of some drunken orc; you can follow magicians during their mysterious and murky night outings towards the abandoned cemetery in the most ill-famed district of the city; you can pretend to be a merchant of parchment and insinuate yourself into the secret rooms, choosing whether to go down into the mysterious underground of the guild or infiltrate between the top brass and find out if the magicians' invaluable treasure really exists. In short, with "Perils in the slums scenario 2: the corrupt magicians" you will never be bored!


"Perils in the slums" is an epic saga that will transport you back in time, when a scribbled map and a set of dice was enough to live breathtaking adventures. An era in which a handful of pixels maked up intricate dungeons and frightening monsters, an era in which we were catapulted into fairy worlds to the sound of monophonic jingles and beep-beeps produced by a computer. "Perils in the slums" is a trilogy that will end with the next chapter entitled "Maze of death".


released January 31, 2020




Heimat Der Katastrophe Milan, Italy

DIY label focused on ambient punk, minimal-synth, dungeon-drone, wartime music and post-nuclear wave. Managed by a creative punx collective from Milano city.

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