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HDK 35 † Perils in the slums scenario 1: the orcs commune


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Loïk Chiptune & Dungeon Synth, the perfect mixture!

Gather with some friends and enjoy the party! Favorite track: The corrupt wizard.
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GustenAndlös BASIC DUNGEON is simply put really, really awesome. The sounds and moods they create are spot on! I luckily got hold of a tape this time around but just the download will take you down many dimly lit corridors of risky adventure. Favorite track: A fetid prison cell.
Carl Shoemaker
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Carl Shoemaker HDK does it! After a little absence, they are back with basic dungeon's 6th (?) release. Each one showcases their version of Chiptune Dungeon Synth. For me, HDK is a pillar for this sub-genre, and this release continues in that vein. Thank You for making music!
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  • PERILS IN THE SLUMS Scario one: the orcs commune tape!
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    Includes unlimited streaming of HDK 35 † Perils in the slums scenario 1: the orcs commune via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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  • PERILS IN THE SLUMS Scenario one: the orcs commune tape! *2nd run*
    Cassette + Digital Album

    Pro-dubbed tape + RPG module + map!

    Includes unlimited streaming of HDK 35 † Perils in the slums scenario 1: the orcs commune via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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You have chosen the less dangerous entrance but also the less dignified: the sewers.
Two orcs armed with rustic halberds guard a door; they are playing dice, but nobody is winning because they play two different dice games. If you are cautious, you can count on the "surprise effect"...
Exactly as it looks like: a dark, empty room.
It's a cell in which orcs lock the prisoners. No one has ever been here because these orcs were never able to take a prisoner till now. Anyway, someone urinated here because there's a fetid smell!
A classic example of orcs engineering: it's a hole on the floor badly hidden. On the bottom, a dead orc lies; probably he didn't remember the existence of the trap. He has a purse containing 10 copper coins.
A strange, rusty key lies in a recess on the wall. This key does not seem to belong to a orc lock: which door will it opens?
A secret passage allows access a spiral staircase that goes up. The secret ladder leads to the guild of corrupt wizards. Indeed, here is a corrupt wizard right in front of you ready to cast a spell! The guild of corrupt wizards traffics in spells with the orcs; in fact, among the orcs, it is fashionable to own scrolls of spells that they don't know how to use (it's a status symbol). Also, if they knew how to use these scrolls, the orcs would discover that the spells contained are faulty because developed by wizard apprentices.
This area is the center of the orcs commune. On the walls you can admire some murals depicting moments of the orcs daily life, such as ritual killing and fistfights just to hang out.
An orc used the secret passage to the east (which connects to the basement of the Inn of the Hanged Kobold) to reach the mead reserve of room 10 and supply the inn. Having heard your noise, he unsheaths his staff and become menacing. It will surprise you by coming out from behind the corner, but it is not a fearsome enemy because he's the main responsible for the exhaustion of beer stocks. At its neck has the key to open the door of the room 10.
The true treasure of the orcs is here in this liquor storage room: twelve barrels of cloudy mead.
In front of the mead storage room there is this strange iron door. It is closed with massive chains and a big lock. It opens with the key of 6. The most stupid of you try to break the lock with a clumsy sword blow. Thanks to a secret passage, it's possible to access an area of the underground that seems to be of a very different (and older) origin than the area inhabited by the orcs.
In this cave you can see many precious stones scattered around. However, by approaching its, you will discover that they are not about diamonds, but about shards of mugs from the Inn of the Hanged Kobold. But now it is too late: you have attracted the attention of the inhabitant of the cave, a ravenous giant centipede.
The giant centipede is a tough opponent! And it’s hungry!
The passage in front of the centipede's cave is blocked by rocks and debris because the ceiling has collapsed. From the cracks you see coming a strange greenish light. When you open the passage moving the debris, you realize that the light comes from a strange phosphorescent mold that grows on the walls of the corridor...
This part of the corridor is invaded by vampire-moths. You will have to turn off the torches to avoid disturbing these ravenous butterflies that suck the blood.
On the floor there is an hatch with disturbing symbols. It seems magically sealed. Where does it bring? What mysteries does it hide? If you want to know it, you have to buy the next modules of "Perils in the slums" campaign, available soon at the Heimat Der Katastrophe store!


The Slums: the place where the strongest prevails and gangs of humanoid fight for dominance ... but also an excellent place for adventure and gain! C'mon folks ... let's start the quest!


Hey folks, welcome to a new BASIC DUNGEON saga!
In this episode, our heroes will have to deal with a tribe of orcs holed up in the suburban sewers, with a giant millipede really hungry and with the usual pitfalls of which all the dungeons are full; furthermore, they will discover the entrance to an ancient underground that - obviously - conceals untold mysteries and they will ascertain that the guild of the city's magicians ... is corrupt! In short, in "Perils in the slums: scenario one" you will never be bored!

"Perils in the slums" is a fantasy RPG campaign divided into three parts, a musical invention conceived as a soundtrack of a real session of Dungeons & Dragons. Both the tape and the digital version of "Orcs commune" contain the playable module as quest adapted to any RPG rules system (possibly old-school, please).

Ah! Before leaving for the quest, don't forget a proper equipment and the spell book!!! You don't have it? No panic, we will provide it for you:
* heimatderkatastrophe.bandcamp.com/album/hdk-20-magic-items-and-other-utilities
* heimatderkatastrophe.bandcamp.com/album/hdk-19-the-book-of-spells


Basic Dungeon takes us back to the heroic times when our fun was entrusted to a simple dice throwing or a cluster of pixels moving on a screen: endless D&D sessions spent with friends, sleepless nights exploring monochromatic dungeons in front of a screen with cathode-ray tube ... this was "escapism" in the days of the Cold War, when it was enough a pencil and a sheet (and a set of dices, of course) to make us live memorable adventures!


released June 27, 2019




Heimat Der Katastrophe Milan, Italy

DIY label focused on ambient punk, minimal-synth, dungeon-drone, wartime music and post-nuclear wave. Managed by a creative punx collective from Milano city.

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