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HDK 24 † Dungeon myths


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Harvey Moulder
Harvey Moulder thumbnail
Harvey Moulder I am by no means musically inclined, so please excuse my attempt at description. I thoroughly enjoy the layered textures of each song on this wondrous album. The combination of ambient, DS, and even moments of angelic choir create these moments where the story of the album seems tangible to the imagination. I can see the armies of darkness rising from the depth and feel the hopelessness of their arrival that now blankets the world. Then the album brings us to the arrival of a lone warrior that has waited countless aeons to bring an end to this dark force, with the key to destroying this darkness being in the possession of a lonely maiden wandering the shores of the abyss. It’s an intimately epic album that reminds me of early DS and works by Tangerine Dreams. It’s just a perfectly conceived album. It’s musical narrative at it's best.
lyra  thumbnail
lyra I LOVE this one, it’s on the ambient side of things and it just sounds amazing to me. Really evocative and grandiose. Just great.
Fenris Lokisson
Fenris Lokisson thumbnail
Fenris Lokisson Extremely unique DS. Great work
Matteo "Medhelan" Brusa
Matteo "Medhelan" Brusa thumbnail
Matteo "Medhelan" Brusa I've been lured here because I read Grimrik mastered the thing, and what a surprise. Finally something different from the pack. This is the freshest approach to DS I've heard in a while, in a scene of mostly copycat projects, it definitely stands out. Highlight of the year. Favorite track: Return of a warrior.


HDK proudly presents a (well known but incognito acting) poet of the sepulchral obscurities and darker recesses of the mind: KORMORG.


Are you willing to get lost in the complex sound architecture of this miraculous and mighty album? Primordial rhythms coming from an arcane past, weirdly twisted human sounds and galactic waves of inhuman synthesizers, the echo of both human and monstrous populations who might have inhabited our planet when history had
not yet begun.... press play and the world turns upside down: the sky darkens and the earth opens its most hidden chasms, sometimes illuminated by the cold light of the stars.


To illustrate this unique sound experience Heimat der Katastrophe chose an equally unique and complex artist: his majesty Mr. David Thiérrée.


released March 14, 2019

It contains samples by Murgrind, Medhelan and Arath - used with friendly permission by Deivlforst Records




Heimat Der Katastrophe Milan, Italy

DIY label focused on ambient punk, minimal-synth, dungeon-drone, wartime music and post-nuclear wave. Managed by a creative punx collective from Milano city.

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