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HDK 10 † The forgotten tomb of Yshnak


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Infinite Tapes
Infinite Tapes thumbnail
Infinite Tapes Oh, I've been waiting to hear the sounds of that gelatinous cube for so long... Great follow up album, nice mix of soundtrack and synth tones. Favorite track: Beware the gelatinous cube.
There is magic in this album. Listening to it on a quiet night while drafting ideas for your next adventure or at the table with the players really gets you in the right OSR mood. Favorite track: Goblins attack in the snow.
Scott Padamonsky
Scott Padamonsky thumbnail
Scott Padamonsky Design and Music perfect together. Favorite track: Beware the gelatinous cube.
orochi83 thumbnail
orochi83 A very nice example of game-oriented DS, with a touch of the distinctive SF soundtrack style.
Carefully picked sounds give this album a surprisingly highly diverse mix of songs, moving from the epic “Marching through the snow” to the almost synth-wave last track.
Music citations, ‘80s video game tributes and guitar riffs are not missing either.
If you find TFTOY to space a bit too much, try playing it as the soundtrack for your RPG and board game sessions: you won’t be disappointed! Favorite track: Goblins attack in the snow.
The Reaper's Preacher
The Reaper's Preacher thumbnail
The Reaper's Preacher It started and I thought it was Summoning worship, by the end I realised how wrong I was...everything is gold except the solo, which is naff. Favorite track: Goblins attack in the snow.


The collaboration between HDK and DUNGEONEER Games & Simulations continues, with the new soundtrack of a module of STRANGE MAGIC, the most black-and-white old-school RPG!
The Italian dungeon-synther SIDEREAL FORTRESS dealt with the soundtrack of "La tomba perduta di Yshnak", an engaging dungeon crawling adventure written by Antonello Molella.

Buy "La tomba perduta di Yshnak" module [in italian only!] here: www.dungeoneer-games.it/strange-magic


One day, Yshnak, Archmage of Thorn, skilled of elementalism and witchcraft, runs off into the mountains and builds a dungeon-fortress where he can cultivate, undisturbed, his passion for the darkest magic… Here he casually finds the idol of an ancient deity called Urkuul and thanks to it he comes close to knowing... the secret of immortality!!! Aaargh! Then, nobody knows what happened to this solitary magician...
After a difficult journey on snowly Xirgaax mountains, you will reach the entrance of the menacing dungeon of the archmage and explore its icy tunnels. The secret you seek is here, but, my friend, beware to the monstrous mysteries are hidden!


SIDEREAL FORTRESS has created a rich and multifaceted soundtrack with epic and obscure tones, which will brighten your gloomy afternoons and your weekend outings in antique and humid dungeons...



released April 30, 2018

Music by SIDEREAL FORTRESS (autumn-winter 2017)
Artwork by Russ Nicholson, Luigi Castellani & William McAusland
2017, © La Tomba Perduta di Yshnak, Dungeoneer Games & Simulations, All rights reserved.
2017, © Strange Magic it's a brand of Stuart Robertson.




Heimat Der Katastrophe Milan, Italy

DIY label focused on ambient punk, minimal-synth, dungeon-drone, wartime music and post-nuclear wave. Managed by a creative punx collective from Milano city.

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