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HDK 08 † ガ​ン​マ​の​年​の​反​乱​軍 (Renegades of Year Gamma)


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TigerTorakio thumbnail
TigerTorakio A Tetsuo-esque low-budget art horror experience. There are all sorts of distorting filters on the lens. Dozens of heads explode in thick dark blood. Steam and black plastic tubes are everywhere. And you know from the start the hero will have, at best, a bittersweet end. Favorite track: Escape from the Yomi-prison.
Unknow thumbnail
Unknow Here comes the 80's.
This here is a really well done mash up of the 80's sci-fi and horror soundtracks like Terminator, Escape from new york and Nightmare on elm street.
So now we can only buy the tape and hope it will become an actual movie ! Favorite track: Driving like an Oni-demon.
r3l0z thumbnail
r3l0z I got a little teary eyed on this part. I won't spoil it but the story takes a pivotal turn here. the music is amazing and when I close my eyes I am in post-apocalyptic Osaka Favorite track: The Broken Tao Gang.
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ガ ン マ の 年 の 反 乱軍 (Ganma no toshi no hanran-gun) aka RENEGADES OF YEAR GAMMA is an apocalyptic sci-fi film (never)filmed in Japan in 1984. This is the soundtrack found in the production company's archives and finally published in this limited edition by HDK.

With this release, HDK inaugurates a new electro-dungeon series called "Post-Nuclear Wave".

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Tracklist & plot:

1. Year Gamma after the Nuclear Meltdown [open credits]
Anno Gamma: Japan is entirely contaminated by radiation due to nuclear disasters. This was caused by senseless use of atomic energy and natural calamities. Many areas of the country have been evacuated and have become dangerous places. The population lives barricaded in city fortresses. Because of radiation, japanese women have almost lost fertility and are being subjugated by men for reproductive purposes. There is dictatorship and society is strongly militarized. Dissidents are killed or imprisoned.

2. Escape from the Yomi-prison
The high-security prison in the countryside around Osaka called “Yomi” (“the land of the dead” in japanese), directed by merciless Mr. Shinigami. Someone is trying to escape: he’s Hiro, an infamous political dissident. Hiro's escape is successful.

3. The woman from underground
In the run, Hiro meets a punk girl called Maiko. Because she hearing the prison’s sirens she was hiding. Since Hiro discovered her, they flee together. During the escape Hiro saves the life to Maiko, protecting her from a gunshot. Thanks to the knowledge of the territory of Maiko, they manage to save themselves. Maiko is grateful to Hiro, but she is also suspicious of him…

4. Driving like an Oni-demon
Maiko agrees, however, to take Hiro to a safe haven in Osaka. Hiro and Maiko steal a car and flee at full speed on the forbidden streets hacked by police and bandits. During the trip Maiko reveals to Hiro to be part of a gang of female bikers called “Gang of the Broken Tao” living in the subsoil of Osaka. They hate men and kill them to get the seed to fertilize themselves. Hiro fakes to be gay and disguises herself as a woman.

5. Osaka dungeons
Transsexual Hiro and Maiko arrive in Osaka and they go into the underground sewers to reach the Broken Tao Gang’s lair.

6. The Broken Tao Gang
Hiro knows Lady Tennyo, the leader of the gang. He is hostile to hosting Hiro, but then he says he knows the location of the Yomi-prison’s warehouse full of fuel, decontaminated water and other basic necessities. He says to know about security systems and makes a deal with Lady Tennyo to do a big theft there. During the days of preparation of the mission, Hiro and Maiko fall in love with each other. Neither of them confesses their love to the other, because they must keep their love secret to the other members of the gang.

7. Bosozoku fallout ride
Hiro, Maiko, Lady Tannyo and the others in the gang leave for the mission. Unfortunately they suffer an ambush from the prison police, captained by Mr. Shinigami. The battle is hard and many fall. Hiro is unmasked by the Mr. Shinigami and imprisoned: Lady Tannyo and the others of the gang discover that Hiro is not a woman. Lady Tannyo, Maiko and the survivors manage to escape. The leader of the gang is furious: he understood that Hiro lied to them and believes he has betrayed them. Maiko is desperate and wants that the gang to save Hiro. Lady Tannyo is categorical and says: no!

8. The night before the final round
Maiko decides to steal from the gang's explosive reserves and go alone to get Hiro to escape. A suicide mission…

9. Warriors with a bleeding heart
Maiko manages to free Hiro, but the escape that follows is bloody and desperate. Hiro is seriously injured. The two manage to save themselves, but Hiro is dying. At the end of his life he confesses his love for Maiko asking for a first and last kiss. She, in tears and desperate, takes Hiro's knife and, symbolically, she cuts his hair to no longer look like a man or a woman and no longer suffer for love in the future…

10. Love in a radioactive era [end credits]


released March 30, 2018

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Heimat Der Katastrophe Milan, Italy

DIY label focused on ambient punk, minimal-synth, dungeon-drone, wartime music and post-nuclear wave. Managed by a creative punx collective from Milano city.

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